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Rino Mathis – One of the greatest veterans

Rino Mathis is a part of the veteran league of players as his list of achievements dates back to a long time. He has been playing poker since 1991 and has won many tournaments since then. He is a part of the list of achievers and has left his mark in the field of poker. His experience and knowledge has been a learning arena for others to follow. He has been guide for many people and has ensured his contribution to other’s success. Though Rino is a veteran in the field, his continuous learning process has been an inspiration to many people.

He has always been learning the ropes of the game and though a pro in the game, he has ensured that he continues his education as far as the game is concerned. He has been acclaimed as being one of the top and the most accomplished poker players of Switzerland. His life in the gaming field started as a chess player and moved on the backgammon before moving on the world of poker. His awards in the game were outstanding and he became an all rounder in the game and became a fanatic for the game. His passion for poker was reflected in the game and he played it with all the gust and vigor.

As he has been playing live poker for a long time, he has been earning his prize from all over the place. From Europe to Austria, from Germany to Spain, he has been playing and earning all along the way. Winning has been his forte and he has been doing it all the time. He has managed to write the name of Switzerland in the top lists of poker. Apart from his love for poker, he loves to cook and is a great lover of wine. He plays various games like squash and loves to spend time with his family.

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