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John Bruder who is the managing director of Treasury Holdings’ Irish business, thinks that Nama has committed a massive blunder in versus the developer by calling in the huge amount of 1.7 billion Euros.

There are 2 interpreting of Treasury Holdings’ current bitter jurisprudence issues with the National Asset Management Agency over the marred loans. On one hand the company’s proprietors and some senior executives are a group of bluffers, who ultimately were plain unlucky in their high-stakes online game of poker with Nama. This occurred when they called in their lending on 9th of January.

The other thing is the growth and asset- management group, since the tragic crash in the year 2008, although with important aid from the State. It was a big fault made by Nama. It is fundamentally misjudged and its ability to give the best payback on its lending for the Irish treasury.

Over a period of one hundred and five minute interview in the cellar of Treasury’s head office located at Connaught House in Dublin the week before, John Bruder who is Treasury’s Irish business’s Managing Director, brought out the company’s part of the account in a peaceful, rational and reasonable manner. His constant thought is that Holdings of the Treasury is best positioned to deliver highest value to the payer of tax from the mess of loans and Nama made a huge mistake in taking charge against the developer.

Now there are 2 sides to each story, and so Nama will undoubtedly provide a healthy defense of the resolve to move forcefully against Treasury once the matter gets into full swing in front of the High Court in the latter half of this year.

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