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Publié le 18 Juillet 2012 à 06h29 - 1709 visites

Darvin Moon speaks out

Poker pro Darvin Moon speaks out against Epic Poker’s Jeffrey Pollack. Jeffrey Pollack is the former commissioner of World Series of Poker, the number one poker event. It is heard that Darvin Moon has blitzed Pollack because of the mess that occurred in the Heartland Poker Tour.

Moon was signed as a brand ambassador of HPT previous year and now he is outraging against the current status of the poker tour and most importantly Jeffrey’s role in the whole matter.
In such a situation Epic Poker filed bankruptcy and Darvin was not sure of what will happen with HPT. When Darvin was speaking against Pollack he stated saying that the whole crew was like a big family for him but Pollack messed up the whole situation.

Recently Epic Poker and the reputed Pinnacle Entertainment gained the company along with their two poker businesses, the Epic Poker League and Heartland Poker Tour. Though the purchase price is not yet revealed but it is heard that the company will be taking over along with the entire asset and the other intellectual property of Federated.

Darvin Moon was capable enough to overlook his annoyance when he was speaking to PokerListings regarding his life and his winning the WSOP main event in the year 2009. Moon grabbed the second position in the event and won a prize amount of $5.2 million. Moon told a private news channel that he enjoys playing poker and now he is working with his logging business. He also said that he is planning to take a break from poker after this year’s final event.

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