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Artie Cobb

Artie Cobb is very professional American poker player. This was Cobb’s first trade in for cold hard currency any WSOP occasion. Cobb won his second bracelet in 1987, crushing multi-armlet victor Don Williams’s heads-up in a seven card stud occasion. Cobb’s first World Series of Poker wrist trinket came in the year 1983 when he won the $1000 Seven Card Stud Hi/lo occasion. His win got him a $52,000 prize. His second World Series of Poker armlet came in the year 1987 when he won the $1000 Seven Card Stud occasion which got him $142,000 in prize cash. He won the $1000 Seven Card Stud Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker in the year 1990 and gained $55,600 in prize cash.

It came as a shock when he won his third World Series of Poker armlet in once more the Seven Card Stud occasion which brought him $146,400 in prize cash. His fourth wristband additionally came in the Seven Card Stud occasion of World Series of Poker that was held in the year 1998. Separated from his World Series of Poker arm ornaments, Cobb has had 29 cash fulfils in sum in the different World Series of Poker competitions that he has went to. In the dialect of poker, Cobb is known to be Red Fish sort of player. It implies he is a combative player who plays his amusement determinedly soon after the failures. Notwithstanding, after the lemon, he appears to be aloof and powerless which makes him vulnerable to losing a diversion.

However by one means or another move before failures are with great hands which diminish his opportunities to lose. Since Artie Cobb’s Seven Card Stud diversions are first rate he is known to be one of the best players of the seven card stud amusement. He has picked up a great notoriety in playing it since he has had sequential wins in World Series of Poker occasions of Seven Card Stud. He is a man who has dug profound in the World Series of Poker and has substantiated himself deserving of being a four time World Series of Poker armlet victor. His live competition income surpasses $1,55.

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