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Who is Alex “AJKHoosier1″ Kamberis?

“AJKHoosier1″ or Kamber is highly recognized for his profound talent of playing both online poker and many live tournament poker games. He has acquired his credibility over a record time. He is a member of the great DolyesRoom Bruson as well as the 3-time P’s Triple Crown winner of Sept 1, 2007, Dec 9, 2007 with the Jul 29, 2008. These three events has highly heightened is careers as he has remarkably garnered fans across the globe. In addition, he has many wins in both $100 rebuy poker tournaments and $200 Poker rebuy and has also secured a win in the Hundred -Fifty Grand. His major wealth gain is attributed to the September 2008 victory when he ranked position 3 in the PokerStars WCOP Main Event. In this single play, he pocketed more than $782,542 after a final -table cop.

This event had been scheduled shortly after he secured the 2nd position in the Full Tilt pker $1,000,000 guaranteed for around $135,000. More recently, Alex Kamber has a track of wins in the $I, 000 Super tournaments and PokerStars $250,000 Guaranteed Sunday rebuy which is $ 66,100 and also $75,200 respectively. In December 2009, he won a 2nd place in the Full Tilt poker on $1000 Monday and went with $50,400. Alex has been very resourceful in helping poker players across the globe develop and improve their poker skills.

He has accomplished this through his contribution in writing high quality content articles. He is a competent instructor training sites such as Withover $3,500,000 worth poker playing victories, Alex Kamberis is undoubtedly on the list of the professional poker players. Alex Kamberis ventured in poker playing in 2006 and after one concrete year, he was in the headlines with not more than 3 million dollars in tournament victories. In 2008, Alex Kamberis had already accrued more than poker 9 titles and more than 125 cashes, within such a short period in poker career, and therefore was the online -CardPlayer of that year.

He has started to venture in live poker tournaments, which will undoubtedly toughen him and make him unbeatable in each tournament he participates.

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