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Publié le 22 Janvier 2015 à 06h45 - 1296 visites

J.P. Kelly boasts outstanding performance at the poker arenas

Poker poses one of the trickiest gambling platforms where players can venture to reap far-reaching rewards for outstanding performance. This is professional players as well as novices lose or win in an unprecedented manner.

The world ranking list today includes numerous players who have played with perspicacity and left an indelible mark at global circuits. English poker players have played in a wide array of high-profile events, locking horns with other nationals to emerge winners. J.P. Kelly is among the English poker epitomes who have gained traction at the global level.

He currently resides in Aylesbury in England and has performed excellently on home soil and international poker tournament circuits. A terse review of his rich resume is an inspiration to upcoming players who may be tempted to give up at nascent stages of their career.

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